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To DO:

Right now we encourage use of this format, we may restructure the format in an upcoming update to make it easier for those involved. there will also be a link to an example bill located [ here] Template:Infobox Bill sidebar

Title of Bill

Section 1

  • (a) short title

Section 2

  • (a)Eligibility & Exceptions)

Section 3

  • (a) Definitions

Section 4

  • (a)Rules & Other Provisions
  • (b) this is where much of the bills focus & debate will occur. Please plan your bills organization here.

Section 6

  • (a) The bill's effective date. If no effective date is included it will become effective immediately after being signed by the president.

Section 7

  • (a) This section will handle funding
  • (b) funding furnished from congress is usually limited to 10 years
  • (c) This should be for H.R. bills as it includes finance

Each proposed function of the bill should have it's own section

The Example Structure of a Bill[edit]


This section is optional & should list in plain text the goal of the bill and everything within the bill that will eventually be a part of it.

Example Bill[edit]

This should be the short title of the bill.

Eligibility & Exemptions[edit]

This is the method expected to be used by all Bills, the structure of amendments may be exempt from this formatting under it's own structure. S level bills will likely lack a section involving financial structure to be created within the bill.

Section 3[edit]

(a) Definitions

 when added or exempted are usually listed under this categories subsections

Section 4[edit]

This section may list penalties or amend penalties referencing section 3 for the bill.

section 5[edit]

This is further additions to the bill the same will be true for any following sections.

Notes: The organization for definitions is (a)(b)(c)... with subsections (A)(B)(C)... with subsections (i)(ii)(iii)... further sub divided into (I)(II)(III) there may also be further additions to categories with additions in the format of (aa)(bb)(cc) and so forth.

Similar Bills[edit]


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